Ralf Pytlik BIO


I was born in Karlsruhe at the 25 th of June 1976

1999 Exhibition at Gallery El Sigilio, in Padova/ Italia
2001 Exhibition at the Gallery .t Soephuis, Groningen/Netherlands
2002 Exhibition at the Gallery swap, Amsterdam /Netherland
2004 Exhibition „humansworld" at the Casino Baden-Baden /Germany
2005 Exhibition and initial person of the „Art Train 2005" with Easton Davy (NewYork City), Hakan Mandalinci (Istanbul) on 05.03.2005 straight at the artfair art-KARLSRUHE /Germany, Art & Fashion Show at the fasion store Nagel in November

2005 Exhibition at "Kulturhaus Gotec", Karlsruhe/Germany
2006 Exhibition at the Gallery „z1", New York.
2006 Exhibition "Art Train Club", Gallery Burbank, California/USA
2007 Exhibition at the Gallery the track, Berlin/Germany
2008 Exhibition at the Government, Karlsruhe/Germany
2009 Live Performance  art slave at the „artIST 2009" Art fair Istanbul, Türkei
2010 Live Performance  art slave at the „Stadtfest" Karlsruhe/Germany
2011 Live Performance "one word one world" at the „artIST 2011" Art fair Istanbul, Türkei
2012 Exhibition at the Volksbank, Karlsruhe/Germany
2013 Exhibition at the Hypo Vereinbank, Karlsruhe/Germany
2013 Exhibition "just RHMIX" Galerie Schauraum, Karlsruhe/Germany
2014 Live Performance "5 minutes..." at the Weststadt